Tiki Lodge Motel

509 N. Riverside
Medford, Oregon, United States
Ph: (541) 773-4579
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Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
Ming's Restaurant & Lounge, Yreka 43.2 mi
69.6 km
Kapu Hut, Eugene 120.0 mi
193.1 km
The Banana Hut Hawaiian BBQ, Eureka 125.2 mi
201.4 km
Trader Vic's, Portland 221.2 mi
356.0 km
The Palms Motor Hotel, Portland 222.8 mi
358.5 km
matchbook, 51
postcard, 115
Early postcard from Tiki Lodge Motel in Medford
circa 1964, from the collection of Dustycajun
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Humuhumu’s description:
This motel once had a great sign with a tiki on it, and outrigger beams jutting from its A-frame main office. Today, all traces of tiki have been removed, but the name and A-frame structure remain.
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