The King Kamehameha Tiki House

Rental Facility
Highway Y and Dresden Road
Sedalia, Missouri, United States
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Opened in 1964
Defunct tiki not included,
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135.6 km
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The main house at The King Kamehameha Tiki House in Sedalia
February 2008, photo by Brad Finch
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Humuhumu’s description:
The King Kamehameha Tiki House was built in 1964 by William Parkhurst, on his own private land. It is owned today by his grandson, Rob Parkhurst. It has been used as a rental facility for many decades, and is still available for rental today.

The building sits upon a man-made island in a man-made lake, with an arched bridge from the land to the island. The structure has four peaked roofs arranged in a sort of plus-sign shape. The space is decorated with many items acquired during trips to Hawaii, and King Kamehameha imagery is found all around the building and grounds in the form of metal cutouts.

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May 4, 2011, 8:55 AM
The House was beautiful, however we rented it for our wedding and reception and the area wasn't quite ready. Things really needed cleaning, out buildings were dilapitated and service/proprieter was difficult to work with and there were a lot of underlying costs when we received final bill. Overall it was not worth the price we paid!
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