The Exotica

Home Tiki Bar
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Opened in 2009
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
Hula's Modern Tiki, Phoenix 7.8 mi
12.5 km
Bikini Lounge, Phoenix 8.3 mi
13.4 km
Giligin's Kon Tiki Lounge, Scottsdale 16.3 mi
26.3 km
The Hut, Tucson 115.6 mi
186.0 km
Kon Tiki Lounge, Tucson 118.4 mi
190.6 km
The Exotica in Glendale
January 2014, photo by Jim Hyte
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Humuhumu’s description:
The Exotica is the home tiki bar of set designer Jim Hyte. The Exotica has a thatched roof, pufferfish, netting, and one whole "living" wall is a fish tank. Jim's background in theater has helped him add some unique elements, including dramatic tropical storm effects complete with surround sound thunder and strobe light lightning. True to its name, the sound track for The Exotica has plenty of Martin Denny. A waterfall feature was removed to make way for a growing collection of artifacts from Papua New Guinea.
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