South Shore Tiki Lounge

Bar & Restaurant
1913 S. Kihei Rd., Suite J
Kihei, Hawaii, United States
Ph: (808) 874-6444 - Website
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Daily 11am-2am
Opened in 2005
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
Beach Bumz, Kihei 0.0 mi
0.1 km
Don the Beachcomber, Kailua-Kona 81.7 mi
131.6 km
Tiki's Grill & Bar, Honolulu 96.1 mi
154.7 km
Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki 97.2 mi
156.4 km
Bishop Museum, Honolulu 100.5 mi
161.8 km
Entrance to South Shore Tiki Lounge in Kihei
April 2009, photo by Humuhumu
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Humuhumu’s description:
A newer tiki bar, tucked into a shopping center in Kihei. The decor is a mix of Polynesian Pop and surfing, with plenty of bamboo and some tikis. The inside portion is nice and dark, and there is a spacious outdoor patio. Beach Bumz is in the same shopping center.
How to find it:
In a middle building of a shopping center, just south of the Kihei Town Center, and across from Kalama Beach Park. Look for the shopping center's front building, which is light teal green with an open front leading to stalls.
There is a parking lot.
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June 28, 2010, 10:59 PM
This was a grat place, I loved it here. How can you get a better tiki vibe than from a tiki place in Maui. You can sit out on the patio, listen to music, and enjoy the warm evenings. The drinks here are really good but they also have some pretty good food. I had a pizza there that was brushed with truffle oil. Man that was awesome. My wife and I are gonig back to Maui in 4 weeks and this place is definately back on the to-do list.
Raider Rich has visited South Shore Tiki Lounge.

November 30, 2012, 4:22 PM
When I was there they had a young woman with a guitar for the musical entertainment. She started her set with Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues. At first it seemed out of place for a Tiki Bar. But after a while it somehow seemed to work.
Tikikahuna has visited South Shore Tiki Lounge.

January 3, 2013, 6:43 PM
This is my favorite tiki bar. They play great music, have great food and you can sit out on the deck across the street from the ocean. How does life get better than that?
Raider Rich has visited South Shore Tiki Lounge.

January 22, 2015, 9:58 PM
My must go spot when I'm in Kihei. Love South Shore!

March 22, 2015, 8:06 PM
went St Paddys' day and ordered the standard Mai Tai. perhaps my tastebuds were not recovered from my flight from seattle, but it was not tasty. Very busy place, so the locals like it or maybe just the waitresses. The Pioneer Inn in Lahaina serves a wicked Mai Tai and the scrimshaw t-shirt and the fact that the place is 100 years old and very tiki in that it is on the dock of Lahaina in Maui should rate a visit, plus the parrot in the bar wolf whistling is a classic

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