Lun Wah Restaurant

Bar & Restaurant
587 Raritan Rd
Roselle, New Jersey, United States
Ph: (908) 245-0656
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Opened in 1974
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
Jade Island, Staten Island 7.1 mi
11.5 km
Brooklyn's Tiki Bar, Brooklyn 14.2 mi
22.9 km
Lee's Hawaiian Islander, Lyndhurst 13.3 mi
21.3 km
Zombie Hut, Brooklyn 14.9 mi
24.0 km
Lee's Hawaiian Islander, Clifton 18.0 mi
29.0 km
Dining room and entry to the bar at Lun Wah Restaurant in Roselle
August 2009, photo by TikiDeke
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Humuhumu’s description:
Lun Wah is a Chinese restaurant located in a nondescript strip mall, with Polynesian decor and tropical drinks served in tiki mugs. It became Lun Wah in 1974, before that time it was called the Red Dragon. The restaurant has lots of bamboo and tapa cloth on the walls, and like most other tiki joints in this corner of the country, the few tikis look like they were painted by a kindergartener. Other features of the decor include booths in bamboo huts, illuminated palm tree wall scenes, artificial palm trees throughout the restaurant and a koi pond with a functioning rock waterfall. The ceiling of the dining room is painted white unfortunately, but the dim lighting helps to keep it feeling cozy.

In 2013, Lun Wah was taken over by a new family. They are keeping the tiki character intact, and hoping to make some needed upgrades.

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