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Rock-a-Hula, Los Angeles 0.8 mi
1.2 km
Trader Vic's Lounge, Beverly Hills 3.0 mi
4.8 km
C. P. Three Prop House, Los Angeles 2.7 mi
4.4 km
Tiki No, North Hollywood 5.6 mi
9.1 km
Tiki-Ti, Los Angeles 4.6 mi
7.4 km
mug, 178
menu, 268
Drink menu from Kelbo's in Los Angeles
circa 1957, from the collection of Ario Arope
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Humuhumu’s description:
This Kelbo's location has been demolished. There was another Kelbo's location in West LA on Pico
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September 17, 2008, 5:52 PM
I think I've heard enough of the cheesy comments about Kelbo's. When I was still in high school we use to go to Kelbo's on Pico. I would always treat all my friends to this exciting Hawaiiana paradise. We would ooh and aah at all the cool items incased in resin. My father collected nautical items for our dive shop, but this place put it to shame. It had style and inventiveness. My best memory of the place was the delicious ribs and their fabulous flaming fun bowl. I think I remember going back one day and being heartbroken at the strip bar that took it over. DAKOTA

June 21, 2010, 3:47 PM
I worked across the street at CBS Television City in the '50s. This was our regular hang out. Red Skelton use to throw parties for his crew there. The ribs and drinks were great. There is no place like it today.

Ario Arope
Ario Arope was a regular at Kelbo's.

November 1, 2012, 12:59 PM
My grandparents moved to the area, and worked for Douglas Aircraft during WWII ,which was just a few blocks away. One of my earliest memories is of my father walking me by the site in 1960 and looking at Kelbo's after it had burned to the ground. Both my parents and grandparents lived within a couple of blocks and we would always go to Kelbo's for special occasions. I remember going there for my graduation from elementary school.
The Keys in the front door was just the first of many amazing things to see inside Kelbos. The waiting area with the Lucite wall with various objects imbedded inside including bacon and eggs! I probably went there several hundred times over the years as it had so many memories for my family. Loved the fun bowls with the long straws, the ribs, the pork sandwich, and finally the macadamia desert which was best described as pieces of chocolate brownies with macadamia nuts floating in a bowl of whipped cream. I took my wife there when we were just kids in high school and then later on my kids. Loved Kelbo's as it was such a special place.
rvbill1 was a regular at Kelbo's, and was usually there Growing up in 60 -90's.

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