Hula's Island Grill & Tiki Room

Bar & Restaurant
221 Cathcart St.
Santa Cruz, California, United States
Ph: (831) 426-4852 - Website
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Opened in 2006
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
The Zen Trading Post, Santa Cruz 0.3 mi
0.5 km
Element Home Furnishings, Santa Cruz 0.7 mi
1.1 km
Surf N Shack, Capitola 4.1 mi
6.6 km
Tiki King's Ukuleles of Felton, Felton 6.2 mi
10.0 km
Top Notch Kustoms, San Jose 25.9 mi
41.7 km
Tiki room at Hula's Island Grill & Tiki Room in Santa Cruz
December 2006, photo by Chris Delaney
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Humuhumu’s description:

This is the second location of Hula's Island Grill & Tiki Room, the first being down the coast in nearby Monterey. This newer location, which opened in late 2006, goes even further with the tiki theme than the original spot. The owners got assistance with the decor from Bosko, 'Onatiki, Tiki Tony, Polynesiac, Oceanic Arts and Munktiki, and consulted with Forbidden Island's Martin Cate in developing the bar. The space is warm, lined with lauhala matting and filled with carvings, floats and tapa lamps.

In 2009, a related location opened in Phoenix, Hula's Modern Tiki.

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March 17, 2012, 4:51 PM
Good ceviche! Picked up a cool Hula's tiki shot glass for $6 (which they mostly just use at the bar to put your tab in.)
Tiki Finky has visited Hula's Island Grill & Tiki Room.

April 29, 2012, 3:47 PM
Excellent neo-tiki place, with outstanding decor, good drinks and surprisingly good food. One of the best neo-tiki locations in Northern California, or, for that matter, anywhere.
Burritoboy has visited Hula's Island Grill & Tiki Room.

May 4, 2012, 12:56 AM
great food; great drinks; great service. love the witco shields on the bar and the display case full of tiki mugs from around the counrty.
exquisitecorpse has visited Hula's Island Grill & Tiki Room.

June 12, 2012, 3:16 PM
They have a great scorpion bowl! An even better mimosa brunch that is never ending on Sundays. The service is great and the burgers are prime. I highly recommend this place. The attention to detail is amazing in this little spot even the shot glasses used are tikis.
rupri is a regular at Hula's Island Grill & Tiki Room.

July 13, 2013, 11:59 PM
The drinks and food are outstanding. Just love the decor and the entire vibe.
Tiki Kim is a regular at Hula's Island Grill & Tiki Room, and is usually there Tuesdays for lunch.

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