Hilton Hawaiian Village

Bar, Hotel/Motel & Restaurant
2005 Kalia Road
Waikiki, Hawaii, United States
Ph: (808) 949-4321 - Website
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Opened in 1957
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
Tiki's Grill & Bar, Honolulu 1.2 mi
1.9 km
Bishop Museum, Honolulu 4.0 mi
6.4 km
La Mariana Sailing Club, Honolulu 4.3 mi
6.9 km
Beach Bumz, Kihei 97.2 mi
156.4 km
South Shore Tiki Lounge, Kihei 97.2 mi
156.4 km
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Cover of an album from the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki
date unknown, from the collection of Rob Nyberg
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Humuhumu’s description:
This classic Hawaiian hotel with striking views of Diamond Head near the beach of Waikiki was built in 1957 by famed American industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, and was originally named Kaiser's Hawaiian Village. Kaiser also built a nearby geodesic dome auditorium, the Kaiser Aluminum Dome, where some Exotica classics were recorded. Martin Denny played regularly in the Shell Bar, and for a couple of years Arthur Lyman played here with him. Hilton later purchased the hotel, and still owns it today.
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April 8, 2009, 9:00 AM
My memory is from 1980's. traveled to the Island on business and pleasure. At that time the food was traditional and tasty, rum and fruit drinks were plentiful, and the islands atmosphere prevailed, enhanced of course, by the Hawaiian climate and native vegetation. The hotel provided traditional "grass huts" for overnight visitors, apart from the high rise hotel rooms. Really felt Polynesian. I took some color slides - will try to dig them out and post here.
vonhoyer has visited Hilton Hawaiian Village.

August 4, 2011, 10:26 PM
Hilton Hawaiian Village
If your in waikiki you should go for a walk around the Hilton, you can get some nice photo's and it's just kinda cool. Would be a good place to stay.

January 27, 2012, 12:23 PM
No Tiki Bar Here!
TONGA TIME!! has visited Hilton Hawaiian Village.

June 7, 2012, 9:35 PM
There isn't a Tiki Bar in this hotel, but they do have a nice bar called "Tropics" that serves better than average tropical cocktails. Furthermore, the bartenders at Tropics were some of the most friendly, and helpful to Wife of Bob and I with restaurant recommendations outside of the typical Waikiki tourist fare.

The hotel looks like a Disney Hawaii resort, but give Tropics a look for some of the better cocktails in Waikiki.
bobeperu has visited Hilton Hawaiian Village.

January 20, 2013, 5:41 PM
No official tiki bar but a Mai Tai at the poolside bar is pretty darn good. Walk the grounds/outdoor mall after your drink(s) for a glimpse of the occasional tiki with an Asian architectual flair. It's one of the few spots on Waikiki that hasn't ever seemed to change.
KavikaTiki has visited Hilton Hawaiian Village.

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