Beyond the Reef

Bar & Restaurant
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distances are as the crow flies.
Foundation, Milwaukee 11.5 mi
18.4 km
The Rendez'vous, Kenosha 35.7 mi
57.4 km
The Breakers, Crystal Lake 56.8 mi
91.4 km
The Tiki Terrace, Des Plaines 72.3 mi
116.4 km
Lava Lounge, Madison 64.1 mi
103.2 km
ad, 60
matchbook, 60
Postcard for Beyond the Reef in Brookfield
date unknown, from the collection of Tikinaut
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Humuhumu’s description:
Was owned and operated by Frank E. Schuster, who passed away in 1999. Was also called "Judges' Beyond the Reef".
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May 4, 2010, 3:40 PM
Where oh where, where are you... Beyond the Reef....? Used to come here all the time back in '82-'83 with Wendy (you know who you are). There were 10 or 12 tropical drinks. I'd take the evens, she'd take the odds and we'd work our way through the menu. Did we ever get to the end?... Blue Hawaiian, Yellow Bird, Mai Tai, Fog Cutter, Hurricane (that would blow us away). Outside it was January and 4 below zero. Inside, we were beyond the reef, on an island of lost souls...

Sad, sad, sad that this place no longer exists except in memory. Where oh where, where are you...orchidia?.... we just keep on dreaming....
The Hunter Gets Captured was a regular at Beyond the Reef.

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