Bahi Hut Lounge

4675 N Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida, United States
Ph: (866) 282-9330
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Daily 4:30pm-2am
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The sign for Bahi Hut Lounge in Sarasota
March 2007, photo by Gilligan
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Humuhumu’s description:
Part of the Best Western Golden Host Resort.
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May 26, 2009, 9:08 PM
My in-laws live in Sarasota and we took them there for drinks. I think I had the strongest drink of my life there. They have some drink that they cut you off at a certain limit, I can see why. It was a nice looking divey, tiki bar but the cliental leaves something to be desired. Upon leaving, I wanted my photo in front of the place and drunkly stood in front of the door. Well the bouncer opened the door right on to my ankle. I was so sauced I didn't even feel it or notice the large amount of blood till later. Not sure I ever need to go back to the Bahi hut, I've got my memories.
Tiare has visited Bahi Hut Lounge.

November 9, 2009, 8:53 PM
I am a Ringling College grad that has many fond memories of this joint. It was close to campus, and a great spot to stumble home from. The Mai Tai's are quite potent and have a 2 drink limit. I still find myself dropping in here quite a bit.
Bill-Roy is a semi-regular at Bahi Hut Lounge.

January 22, 2010, 1:28 PM
I love the place, but i wish they would play some other music besides southern/classic rock. This place BEGS for some Martin Denny.
Martini Whore is a regular at Bahi Hut Lounge, and is usually there Usually after work, around 5:30 pm or so.

January 18, 2015, 7:57 PM
I am SO glad that Bahi Hut still exists in Sarasota. This place has a lot going wrong with it, but still has the old bones and vibe lurking in the background, it is just waiting one day for someone to pick it up, polish it off and restore it to it's former glory (and if the owners read this and want to sell, please contact me). It is within an old motel (independent) near the airport on a street with old cool fifties and sixties motor lodges and such. The bar is a separate building like a hut, with bamboo and a bamboo door handle when you enter. Inside it is a gem. Old wooden / bamboo tables, old tiki pictures, a window looking at a (now dilapidated) garden and a famous Mai Tai. Unfortunately they play bad music (as noted above) and allow smoking, so it smells. I think the smoking patrons keep this place alive for now, but I can definitely see it being refurbished, cleaned up, a new music track with updated cocktails and some snacks...and potentially this could be the cocktail bar it once was.....Definitely go give it a try if you are in beautiful Sarasota Florida
NYC Tiki is a regular at Bahi Hut Lounge.

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