Aku Aku Tiki Bar

Thorvald Meyersgate 33
Oslo, Norway
Ph: (+47) 41 17 69 66 - Website
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Mon-Tue 4pm-1am
Wed-Thu 4pm-2am
Fri 4pm-3am
Sat 2pm-3am
Sun 2pm-1am
Opened in 2007
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo 2.7 mi
4.3 km
Tonga Bar, Tonsberg 46.7 mi
75.1 km
Tiki Room, Arvika 66.4 mi
106.9 km
Kontiki Slottsskogen, Gothenburg 161.0 mi
259.2 km
Brass Monkey Tiki Bar, Copenhagen 301.6 mi
485.4 km
The bar at Aku Aku Tiki Bar in Oslo
January 2015, photo by Hannele
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Humuhumu’s description:
Aku Aku Tiki Bar opened in May 2007, in the Grünerlřkka neighborhood of Oslo. Some of the decor is on loan from the Kon-Tiki Museum, including a large canoe hanging from the ceiling. The walls are lined with straw matting. Classic tiki drinks are served in tiki mugs, and the music is a mix of Hawaiian and Exotica tunes.
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October 11, 2015, 12:33 PM
Aku-Aku is very nice and small tiki bar. Furnitures and decor are vintage.
Music is just perfect!! A mix of polynesian music, rockabilly and very good old artists like Serge Gainsbourg or Bebel Gilberto.
I went there in the afternoon so I didn't have the chance to enjoy all the beautiful lights of the place but I guess it must be beautiful!
A nice selection of drinks served in beautiful mugs. The quality of the cocktails is astonishing. Quality of ingredients (juices, home-made sirup, good old rhum) is impressive and I guess it's why it tastes so good!
But I have to say that for a North American like me, prices are very expensive... Between 18$ and 25$ for a single cocktail. A big Scorpion Mug to share costs 42$. Life in Norway is expensive...
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